In addition to the domestic airlines listed, many international carriers serve John F. Kennedy International and Newark airports. British Airways (tel. 0345/222-111 in the U.K., 800/AIRWAYS in the U.S.; has daily service from London as well as direct flights from Manchester and Glasgow. Virgin Atlantic (tel. 01293/747-747 in the U.K., 800/862-8621 in the U.S.; flies from Londons Heathrow to New York.

Canadian readers might book flights on Air Canada (tel. 800/776-3000;, which offers direct service from Toronto, MontrEacute;al, Ottawa, and other cities; and Canadian Airlines (tel. 800/426-7000;
Aer Lingus flies from Ireland to New York (tel. 01/886-8888 in Dublin, 800/IRISH-AIR in the U.S.; The following U.S. airlines fly to New York from most major European cities: Continental (tel. 01293/776-464 in the U.K., 800/525-0280 in the U.S.;; TWA (tel. 0181/815-0707 in the U.K., 800/221-2000 in the U.S.;; United (tel. 0845/8-444-777 in the U.K., 800/538-2929 in the U.S.;; American (tel. 0181/572-5555 in the U.K., 800/433-7300 in the U.S.;; and Delta (tel. 0800/414-767 in the U.K., 800/221-1212 in the U.S.;
Qantas (tel. 13-13-13 in Australia, 800/227-4500 in the U.S.; and Air New Zealand (tel. 0800/737-000 in New Zealand, 800/262-1234 in the U.S.; fly to the West Coast and will book you straight through to New York City on a partner airline.

Airline Discounts

For the best rates, compare fares and be flexible with the dates and times of travel.
Operated by the European Travel Network, is a great online source for regular and discounted airfares to New York and other destinations around the world. You can also use this site to compare rates and book accommodations, car rentals, and tours. Click on "Special Offers" for the latest package deals. Students should also try Campus Travel (tel. 0171/730-2101; Some major American carriers--including Delta and Continental--offer travelers on their transatlantic or transpacific flights special low-price tickets on U.S. continental flights under the Discover America program (sometimes called Visit USA, depending on the airline). Offering one-way travel between U.S. destinations at significantly reduced prices, this coupon-based airfare program is the best and easiest way to tour the United States at low cost.
These discounted fare coupons are not available in the United States and must be purchased abroad in conjunction with your international ticket. Ask your travel agent or the airline reservations agent about this program well in advance of your departure--preferably when you buy your international ticket--since the regulations may govern your trip planning, and conditions can change without notice.