Helping the Employer and the Employee

 It is not easy to get into and obtain permission to stay in the United States.
It is no longer simple to hire a worker who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
The Immigration Reform and Control Act  is the toughest immigration law ever passed by the U.S. Congress.
It makes every alien's chance of getting into the United States much harder.
Also, every U.S. employer is affected; every U.S. citizen is affected.
Whether you are an employer, an employee, an entepreneur, a nurse, a scientis, an investor, a student, an exchange scholar, or a skilled or unskilled worker, you are affected.
If you are starting another business, expanding your current operation, looking for a job or relocating for career advancement, you have new decisions to make that may involve immigration law.
If you the employer have a job and need someone to perform it, you may be prevented from hiring, in a timely manner, the most competent person you have found.
New laws and regulations have been added to old statutes.
Additional requirements hinder an alien's chance of entering the United States, a U.S. employer's ability to hire and receive an individual who can perform the services they need, and a U.S. citizen or resident's wish to be united with relatives.
The paperwork, record keeping, and anti-discrimination requirements of the law are complex and inconsistent.
More paperwork is required and waiting times have increased.
Uncertainty is greater because much of the responsibility for making decisions on visa applications has been shifted to American Consuls who work outside the United States. Many of their decisions will not receive judicial review.
Thus, a visa application denied once may be denied forever.
For above reasons, you need assistance from a law firm which is experienced in immigration law.