Qualifying through your spouse:

If you both meet the work or educational requirements, you and your spouse may each enter a separate lottery entry even if only one spouse was born in an eligible country. For example, a person born in an excluded country such as Canada or Mexico may still submit his or her own separate entry if his or her spouse was born in an eligible country, however a spouse claiming the other spouses country of birth must also be issued a visa and enter the United States simultaneously with the other spouse. Of course, this Canadian or Mexican spouse must also meet the education or work experience requirement just in case this spouse is selected as the "principal applicant".

Qualifying through your parents:

In some rare cases you may claim one of your parents birth countries but only when you were born in a country where neither of your parents were born or residents of at the time of your birth. In such a situation you may claim the country of either parent as your qualifying country. For example, if one of your parents was born in Russia and the other was born in the Ukraine, and you were born in the United Kingdom while they were visiting the U.K. (and at the time of your birth your parents had not established residency in the U.K.) you could claim Russia or the Ukraine as your qualifying country.